What I would like to do here is make a place to tell funny stories from the inside.

    From the Tattooist.

    Some will be mine.

    Some things I've heard or read.

    And if you want to, mail me your's.  

     Well I will start with something that is right up to date ,

but is also getting to the limit of recent humor.

    I was working on a skull today, as it was coming together my customer asked if I could add a bullet hole. No problem, I added it  freehand.

   He said that it was spot on.

   I then called in my workmates to take a look at Ben Ladens portrait.

    Tattooists are sometimes a little twisted!



   A while ago a young lady made a booking to get a small tribal piece done on here foot.

   When the day arrived she came into the shop looking a little nervous but otherwise OK.

   I drew the outline on starting first with a light coloured pen then tided it up with a darker one, she took a look and decided that it was how she wanted

   So far so good.

   The outline went well, she was starting to relax and as I got ready to colour it she asked if she could take a look.

   And promptly passed out.

   When she came back to herself she told me that she couldn`t stand the sight of blood. Strange as there was none at all to see.

   "Yes there is, all aound the lines" was her reply.

   When I managed to get her to look again, promising that there was nothing to see, she

realised that what she thought was blood was acctualy the red pen I used to sketch the design on with at the begining.





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